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The pandemic has been hard on us.

What if you could bring fresh air and soul care into the safety of your home?

Breath & Balm gives you strategies for deeper rest, crafting a retreat right where you are.

  You are invited.


By day, you wake up groggy and overwhelmed.

By night, you can’t shut it down.

What if there were an easy way to improve your quality of rest?

As a COVID-Conscious mom, I know my friends are struggling with their mental health. That’s why I created Breath & Balm to give you simple, low-to-no cost stress and sleep relief that you can accomplish over just 5 days.

Breath & Balm includes…


* the Tired Test: a quick check-in to assess your fatigue, and why self-compassion’s worth what you are.

* Breath & Balm Guide: a fillable workbook laying out one stress and sleep strategy each day, which you can do in 30 minutes or less.

* Forever access to coaching videos where I share what’s really working right now as a COVID-conscious mom.

*the Whole-Self Shortlist: 25 holistic resources to deep-dive mental healing

Hi, I’m Lauren A. Jennings.

10 years ago, bipolar disorder ended the career of my dreams, and I began a new journey to #deephealbipolar. I did not discover the lasting cure I hoped for, but with holistic help, I was able to begin recovery from PTSD, reduce my medication and start a family. I went back to the work I love with newfound energy, teaching by day and writing by night.

Now I want to share that holistic help with you.

I created Breath and Balm because mental health maintenance can be exhausting. I need restful sleep and stress relief that I can implement at home. And we can all benefit from fresh air for the body and balm for the soul.

So what’s included in Breath & Balm?

We start with t
he Tired Test, a quick check-in to assess your rest patterns, and a debrief on why learning to listen to your whole-self cues is worth your worth. (Assessment + Mindset Shift Value: $35) 

Your workbook lays out the two-prong approach to healing weary minds holistically: breath is our awareness or internal work, and balm is environmental or external support. Then, we cover 5 days of simple strategies you can layer like blankets for mental calm. Each day’s short concept is followed by a basic practice and pro-tip for easy implementation. You can read and try it daily in about 30 minutes or less. (Workbook Value: $55).

Want to make it all concrete? 

You’ll have forever access to mental health coaching videos for each of the 5 lessons, where I explain what’s really working for me right now as a COVID-conscious mom. (Coaching Value: $100)


Want to take your healing to the next level?

You’ll also get a copy of the Whole-Self-Care Shortlist, 25 resources for body, mind and heart & soul. You’ll receive live shortlinks for books, blog posts, recipes, artists, articles, videos, and more to cover a broad range of physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Don’t know where to start? Read my annotations on each item to get an idea of the content before you click. Budget concerns? More than half of these curated resources are available online, totally free. (Shortlist Value: $40)

Music to sit with your sadness until you feel heard? Come listen.

Open my Winter Warmer Spotify Playlist for an open-source soundtrack of peace.


That’s a total package value of $230, for $30 🙂




What do I get in Breath & Balm?

Breath & Balm includes a guided workbook, coaching videos, and annotated shortlist with clickable links for those who want more resources, plus a Spotify playlist to set the mood.

How does this really help me?

Breath & Balm teaches concepts and practices for peace that benefit you immediately. Each day for 5 days, you’ll learn one mindset and tool for holistic self-care that you can implement easily. You can layer the practices like blankets, Day 1 the first thing, Day 2 the first and second thing, and so on. And they’re so simple, you can keep at it every day if you like, forming habitual and long-term rhythms of rest.

What if I have no time? Is Breath and Balm for me? 

Breath & Balm is designed to be completed in 5 short days. Each daily lesson takes about 30 minutes to complete. It’s perfect for moms or working women (or someone who’s both!) to fit into a busy day. And if you just want first aid for a specific stress or sleep issue, pick any one of the strategies to use regularly. You’ll still see benefit.

Will the 5-day Guide work for me if I can’t afford any extra tools?

All of practices are designed to be sustainable and include knowledge you can implement without buying anything else.

Is this for women only?

All gender identities are welcome here. If you try it out, would you tell me what you think? You are my first round of students and I need your feedback to make it better!

How will I keep my kids/work/life busy long enough to do the daily practice? 

Most of the practices can be completed in 15 minutes or less. For the longer ones on Day 3, I give you tips in the video for what I do to make it a family affair. And if your fatigue warrants longer chunks to rest, ask a partner, friend, co-worker or show to give you a break. You’ll have more patience when you come back to them if you develop patience with yourself.

Is this just a personal retreat? Can I do this with a friend or connect with a community?

Breath & Balm was designed during the isolating circumstances of COVID-19. This is my trial run and I don’t have a community forum set up yet. But if it goes well and you help me spread the word, I’d like to make a more interactive experience down the road! In the meantime, it’s awesome if you want to share your practice with a friend. The best way to master something is to teach someone else 🙂 I just ask that you direct them here for the full experience instead of sending them copyright material.

If I have questions, can Lauren answer them? 

Yes! Just email, and Lauren will respond as soon as she can.

Who Can Benefit from Breath & Balm?


…a student diagnosed with depression his senior year. He’s learning to live with his limitations, but feels burned out. He needs kindness, encouragement and baby steps.

…a senior manager & mom of four. She exudes quiet strength for her job and family, but on the inside she’s always tired. She needs sleep strategies she can implement quickly around her busy life.

…a wife & homeschooler. She uses holistic health in her essential oils business, but she could use a break and ideas for long-term support to alleviate her stress and the anxiety her kids feel.

…a yoga teacher for the last 30 years. Breath is his speciality but sleep is not. He often shares resources for holistic healing and needs an easy package to recommend to students who come to him in need.

So How Does This Work? 

Here’s what you do.

Step 1: Click the “I Want Breath & Balm” button.

Step 2: Add Breath & Balm to your cart.

Step 3: You’ll see an optional add-on for One Month Haven. Then click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 4: Enter your billing information, including a username and password. Save the username and password for later so you can access the Breath & Balm digital platform on our website.

Step 5: Proceed to PayPal to make your purchase. (Don’t worry, it will still work even if you don’t have a PayPal account.)

Step 6: Check your email. Click the link to access your “my account” page and the downloads & videos on our digital platform.

Step 7: That’s it! You have lifetime access now to download the workbook and shortlist, watch the coaching videos, and start whenever you want.

If you need help, just email

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds issued after purchase.

In a week, you could feel better rested… 

…so you give more rest to others.

You could have more energy during the day and sleep more easily at night. Instead of just worrying about the stress of quarantine, you could better recognize your own body’s cues so that you know how to put on your oxygen mask first.

You’d have two dozen resources for your next question on holistic mental care.

And you can set the scene with a peaceful soundtrack whenever you need to destress or unwind.

The pandemic has been hard on us.

What if you could bring fresh air and soul care into the safety of your home?

Breath & Balm gives you strategies for deeper rest, crafting a retreat right where you are.

breath & balm