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-4 false beliefs to unravel when pursuing mental peace
-Why you DON’T need to just treat surface-level symptoms—and what to do instead
-How to work with me more closely to find deeper growth

Hi, I’m Lauren.

I’m an author, songwriter & holistic mental health coach, cultivating connection and mental peace, and sharing the beauty along the way.

After working my way from a Master’s to a classroom of my own, I thought I’d teach there for the rest of my life.

The next 7 years brought a rescue dog, husband, and daughter into our home! All of us have needed holistic interventions for health concerns, including chronic yeast infections, cancer, constipation and mental illness.

Now I use my teaching background to coach and advocate for families on whole-body care. When I’m not in the kitchen, I love to write poetry and escape housework into the backyard garden.

Inside the free class, I’m sharing the same strategies I give my coaching clients. So glad to have you too! Be sure to check your email for the link so you don’t miss out.

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Lauren H. White
White Pine Wild: Your Trail Guide to Mental Peace