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I’ve been thinking about starting a blog. It’s a stubborn thought. It vanishes under the surface of my mind for several minutes, hours, maybe, only to reappear, shaking its head and spraying me with droplets.

The thought is stubborn. With the thought comes the doubt:

“But what will you write about?”

I Googled “how to start a blog.” The top hit says you need to have a niche, a passion, a unique perspective that you offer to the world.

“What’s your niche? What’s your passion? What is unique about you that you offer to the world?”

I asked my husband, David, about The Thought and The Doubt. We are just married, going on 3 months now, which he remembers, and I forget. He also remembers his birthday, my birthday and the birthdays of all of our friends and family. I can’t keep numbers in my head.

“You are unique,” he said. “You’ll think of something.”

I had my doubts. And then, as I was washing dishes in the quiet of the afternoon, it came to me.

What’s my niche? Health. My husband is a cancer survivor, and I have bi-polar disorder. We’re newlyweds figuring out how to live a holistic, healthy life.

What’s my passion? Living the good life. Real goodness, and real life.

What’s my unique perspective? I approach health from every facet: physical, emotional, mental, environmental, communal, spiritual. My husband and I don’t have much, yet we have all. We love, because we have been greatly loved.

I’ve been building a veritable collection of pins on Pinterest, and now I see that they are all about holistic health. Now, maybe more people can be blessed by what I have been given.