My chiropractor is my hero. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. The first thing she says when she walks into the room is, “Hi Sunshine! Tell me something good!” Her other mantras are “relax,” “breathe,” and “let it go.” 

2. I’ve had a constant pain in my upper back for as long as I can remember. Even with aerobic exercise and yoga, it always felt like someone had ripped out my back muscles and poured in concrete. Turns out my spine was misaligned and had calcium deposits where I should have had free movement. While the degeneration can’t be eliminated entirely, it can be improved. My spine is in the process of healing and I have greater mobility–and less pain–than ever before.

3. Since starting chiropractic, I’ve been sick less often. I used to have sinus and stomach pain frequently. No more! Fact: the nervous system in the spine regulates everything else in the body. When the spine is happy, the body is happy.

4. The table in the office waiting room has interesting things to read. TIME when I want to think, Family Circle when I want to rest.

5. Dr. Austin and her office staff are genuine and compassionate. They keep up to date on my life during and after my adjustments.

6. There is a bulletin board in the post-adjustment room that Jess rotates with seasonal wellness tips. The current board features Santa cartoons and tips for holiday health, including eating, stress management and downtime.

7. You’re empowered as a patient. If you decide to establish care, you stay late one evening for a brief class to learn about chiropractic, how it works and why it’s awesome. You also learn stretches and get ice packs to maintain DIY care.

8. Payment is flexible. When I first started, I was making minimum wage at a preschool. CareCredit allowed me to pay manageable amounts for care..

9. My mattress, pillow, cough medicinal and supportive shoes came from my chiropractor’s recommendations. I adore them. She knows her stuff.

10. Dr. Austin is more than a doctor. She is a healer. She is holistic in her approach to health. If you are in discomfort of any kind, she will ask about aspects of your life related to your health as a way of guiding you towards healing.

See for yourself what all the fuss is about. Begin your journey to stretch that stress away.