Last week, I wrote about how I got bi-polar sick after tutoring at the local elementary school, and how the Lord used it to refocus my attention on Him. This week, he is quieting my heart again through what He takes and gives. 

After a rocky start last Tuesday, my sensitive-to-shifts body adjusted to the tutoring schedule and I finished the week strong. I loved the time I spent with the three students. Malachi is rough around the edges and a hard worker. Ever and Adrianna are sweet and eager to please. As they labored through their reading, they taught me. Malachi is the youngest of six and used to have a dog. Ever and Adrianna taught me Spanish words as I help them learn English vocabulary.

On Monday, I woke up with an aching head full of congestion. It’s been the same every day so far. Each morning, I hope I am well enough to go back. Each morning, I have to text my friend Becky, the volunteer coordinator, and say no, not today, I’m still sick.

Monday seemed like a good day of rest after a very full weekend. We had worked hard cleaning the house from top to bottom in preparation for our Apple Housewarming Party on Saturday. Everyone brought an apple-themed dish, sweet or savory, and we visited for over four hours. On Sunday, after worship, our neighbor Betsey and her little brother Corban came over for dinner. We cooked and talked and played and cleaned.

Since Monday ended and I still cannot go back to tutoring, I’ve felt times of restlessness. God, what is your purpose in keeping me home?

And He shows me.

If I had been at tutoring yesterday, I would’ve missed the email from my brother Kevin in South Korea saying that his wife Sarah had gone into labor. I would’ve missed praying in my husband’s arms for a safe delivery.

If I had been at tutoring today, I would’ve missed Kevin’s email (sent at 3 am) showing baby Max, healthy and with just my brother’s nose. I would’ve missed David’s mom calling to give an update on her husband Perry, who has so much pain in his hip this week that he has not gone into work. I would’ve missed praying for them in my husband’s arms.

Community life is happening all around me. I want to be where he puts me, to see it with my own eyes. He takes and He gives.